Now, Later, and Lasting: 10 Priorities for AI Research, Policy, and Practice

Shaping the future of artificial intelligence

Peter Stone, Sheila McIlraith, Vincent Conitzer, Eric Horvitz


Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) will transform many aspects of our lives and society, bringing immense opportunities but also posing significant risks and challenges. The next several decades may well be a turning point for humanity, comparable to the industrial revolution. If so, future historians will judge how well we harnessed the benefits of AI for humanity, while protecting against potential harms. In this column, we share a set of recommendations for moving forward from the perspective of a founder and leaders of the One Hundred Year Study on AI. Launched 10 years ago with a dedicated endowment, the project is committed to a perpetual series of studies by multidisciplinary experts to evaluate the immediate, longer-term, and far-reaching effects of AI on people and society, and to make recommendations about AI research, policy, and practice. Beyond these recurrent studies and reports, our initiatives have included related efforts aimed at providing a diverse audience with insights about the trajectory of AI, including the creation of the AI Index, an annual benchmarking of AI progress.

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