IFML Workshop on Generative AI

The University of Texas at Austin
Mulva Auditorium | Engineering Education & Research Center (EER)
501 Speedway, Austin, TX 78712
Austin, TX 78712
United States

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IFML Workshop on Generative AI

This three-day IFML Workshop offers perspectives on Generative AI from leading researchers across academia and industry. Sessions will cover foundation models, fine-tuning, Large Language Models LLMs), diffusion, computer vision, optimization and related applications.

Foundational Datasets

Foundational, open-source datasets underpin research and development in machine learning and generative AI, providing benchmarks and training data for a wide range of applications, from computer vision to natural language understanding.


Diffusion methods are crucial for advancing generative AI, providing a pathway to create realistic and diverse multi-modal data while addressing training challenges and promoting fine-tuned control over the generated outputs.

Large Language Models

LLMs are essential in generative AI for their capacity to understand, generate, and adapt human language, leading to breakthroughs in a wide range of natural language understanding and generation tasks.

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